Great 40th Birthday Presents For Men, Women, and Both!

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Here is a great  list of ideas that we assembled for the best 40th birthday presents for your special someone who’s hitting that special milestone this year. Some of these may surprise you and hopefully, inspire you.  Only you will know your subject best and what he or she likes or doesn’t like, but this will give you a jumping off point to think of ideas that may thrill them with

40th birthday presents

he or she will never forget.



Best 40th Birthday Presents for Women

Spa Weekend – A Spa Weekend at an exclusive spa that offers skin treatments, deep tissue massages and treatments to soothe away daily stress.
Hair and Make-up Makeover – Hair and makeup redesign at a local beauty salon
Relaxation Day – One time massage, facial, and haircut at a local day spa.
Personal Shopping Experience – Stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom’s can help arrange a day with a personal shopper for selecting that new designer look within any given budget.
Girl’s Weekend – Atlantic City, Vegas or concerts are great venues and experiences to share with friends.
Beach Getaway – Plan a short getaway with someone special to a tropical paradise to do absolutely nothing but enjoy the scenery.
40th Birthday Presents



3 Day Cruise – Escape on a cruise to anywhere or even a cruise to nowhere, from your local seaport.
Special Jewelry – Diamond earrings, charm bracelets, personalized pendants will be a special reminder each time they are worn.
A Vacation from Chores – A gift certificate for professional housecleaning, yard work, and things that need fixing by a contractor.
Pre-prepared Gourmet Meals  - To make dinner time a snap
Sports Workshops – For the woman who loves to ski, run or participate in other sports – 3 day women-only sports camps are run by women, for women. These workshops pair your birthday celebrant with professionals in various sports for an intense seminar that teaches new techniques and formulates comradelier.

Best 40th Birthday Presents for Men

Sports Fantasy Camps – Play baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis and even golf with your long admired heroes. Check out Fantasy Camp programs for the NY Mets, NY Yankees, Minnesota Twins and many others. Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Chris Evert offer sport camps in their respective sports as well. This is definitely a ‘splurge’ gift with price tags starting at $4,000 and up for a week of hard core instruction and competition, but past participants will tell that it was well worth the price tag.
Golf Weekend -  In North Carolina, Arizona, Florida or California. To the golf lover, these locations offer true ‘Golf til you drop’ opportunities with a whole host of professional golf courses and some beautiful weather to go with it.
Concert or Sporting Event Tickets  – To a favorite artist or team.
Handyman Certificate – Relief from the honey-do list so he can hire a professional.
Portable GPS  – So he doesn’t have to stop to ask for directions.
Health gadgets – Pedometer/Heart Rate monitor integrated into a wrist watch.
New Sporting Equipment – new skis, baseball, basketball or hiking/camping goods.


40th Birthday Presents Equally Suitable For Men or Women

Sky diving/Swim with the Sharks or other intense outdoor adventure- Get their OK before committing but turning 40 is a mid-way point for most and the adventurous type may want to mark the occasion with a big event that gets their heart pumping.
Less intense outdoor adventure – Who doesn’t like Dolphins? A swim with the dolphins is a memorable experience for men and women a like at any age.
Lessons or Classes – Music lessons, such as guitar, drums or piano can offer inspiration to learn a new life-long skill mid-life.
Exercise equipment or gym membership
SLR or Digital Camera and a Digital Photography Course – Learn the art of taking professional quality pictures.
Outfitting Adventure – Go West and experience the back country under the watchful eye of an experienced, professional outfitter. Horseback riding, fly fishing, white water rafting and other outdoor adventures await you in the beautiful high country of the American West.

More 40th Birthday Ideas

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